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A true rampart against the State and corporations, Rachidi Martin (RMA) position
themselves as a boutique law firm focused on bodily injury compensation as well as
criminal defense.


Identical to big American law firms practicing personal injury, RMA puts a team of seasoned litigants at their client’s disposal; Litigants with tremendous experience in civil and administrative litigation. Whether in civil responsibility or state compensation (CSST SAAQ), when clients are in need, we lend a helping hand.

Our vision is simple: to go out of our way for victims, to apply a financial bandage to

injuries thus making a significant difference in their lives. Our firm is human, filled with

empathy and open ears. At RMA the client is a member of our family, his life and future
is important to us. We accompany our clients throughout the whole judicial process and
even once the file is closed, we insure their well being afterwards.
Our ultimate mission is to assist the weak in being heard. We solely represent victims and
their families. We favour, as long as it is possible, a contingency fee in order to minimize
the clients’ financial burden and only paying us if the case is won or settled.
We therefore, offer service of representation, in the courts or administrative tribunals in
any district of our province. Our objective is to find the best possible solution for the
client, whether by settlement or via trial.


As part of RMA’s desire to stand up for David against Goliath, we also offer a service of
representation before the criminal courts.
Our first concern is to make use of all resources at our disposal and to carry out the one
and only mission we have set for ourselves: to obtain an acquittal.
Our firm is not focused only on criminal law. With us, you will not be treated as a
number. Our services are personalized. RMA’s lawyers take care of you and will
accompany you through the entire process, with altruism and generosity.
Last bastion against the arbitrariness of the state, RMA carries experienced litigators,
fighters, lined strategists, who will deploy all their energies to win the case or to obtain a
more favourable settlement.