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With bachelor degrees in political science and law, Me Forest began his legal career with a boutique law firm where he was a commercial and family litigant. He evolved among the best trial lawyers in the city where he acquired all the skills needed to become the prominent lawyer he is today.

While his time at the boutique law firm, Me Forest worked on many significant cases, notably a family law case that was won at the Quebec Court of Appeal. Me Forest strengths: Pragmatic, he structures his legal theories in a trendy manner and always directly linked to the specifics of the clients’ situation. He is a brilliant lawyer, with a tremendous talent in strategizing. He establishes theories that incomparable and that tackle the precise questions in dispute. He is modest and grounded lawyer with one simple goal, to maintain a high standard of client relationship, a concept that has become rare today.

However, Me Forest is above all a seasoned and organised litigant who is fond of debates at the Appeal level. Every word and sentence spoken is carefully chosen and is perfectly coherent in order to, ultimately, be heard by the decision maker. He is able to repeatedly include philosophical and sociological viewpoints to make his arguments impossible to ignore. Allergic to injustice and immorality, Me Forest gives his all to protect the more vulnerable making him an asset at Rachidi Martin. He see’s his role as a defensive wall against the state and big corporations in order to protect his clients’ rights and freedoms.

He will not shy away from adversity. To the contrary, heated debates and controversial topics are what Me Forest enjoys the most. Finally, his attentiveness and importance to detail allow him to constantly be ready to object to any proof against his case or to refute any argument thrown his way.

All the above-mentioned facts lead to all but one goal: Winning